Many people do not think about Mexico as a place to take a family vacation.

You might not know about all the attractions that the country has to offer.

You can see ancient sites, beautiful beaches, and colonial cities, the wonders of nature as well as great Mexican foods and culture.

You will find the people of Mexico are hospitable and will help you with anything you need.

Cheap holidays to Mexico include visiting Cancun, Merida, Ixtapa, Morelia and Oaxaca City.

If you plan your vacation to include these areas, you are going to experience Mexico at its best.

Now visiting these five cities will take about two weeks or a little less to enjoy everything on the agenda.

You do not want to miss some the attractions that are popular and necessary to see while visiting Mexico.

In Merida you can take a horse carriage ride around the city to see the beautiful buildings that are comprised of white stone adding to the beauty and cleanliness of the city.

Next, it is onto Cancun for a day of snorkeling and relaxing on the beautiful beaches.

The theme park Xel-Ha in Cancun is something for everyone to enjoy.

You will want to spend the entire day at the theme park, it is always so much fun.

After a day or two in Cancun, your cheap holiday travels will take you to Oaxaca City.

This area is historical and offers a true look at the Mexican culture.

You could spend a week along in this area, but the main attractions can be appreciated in a few days.

Shopping in Oaxaca is wonderful.

You and other family members will be impressed with the artisanship that goes into to making the items that are offered for sale.

Next, you are on your way to Ixtapa for some golfing and extraordinary beaches.

You will find that city filled with luxury and amazing restaurants serving fine cuisine.

The nightlife is happening until the early hours of the morning and you cannot help but join in the fun.

Ixtapa is one place on your itinerary that offers a time to let your hair down.

You will enjoy a few days here before moving onto Morelia.

Morelia is a city of history with the beautiful cathedrals and the famous aqueducts.

You will enjoy the museums and if your plans allow, take a day trip to another great area.

Palzcuaro is one place to see folklores and heritage.

Visit the market and spend the day learning about this spectacular area of Mexico.

Before you leave, make sure you see the festivities.

They have the Night of the Dead and Festivity of the Virgin.

These are unbelievable festivities to see and enjoy.

After the day of adventure, you can head back to Morelia for some more fun.

The bars and discos are open late and you can sit and relax while watching the stars in the sky.

After the fun, its time for bed at one of the luxury hotels in Morelia.

You will find the hotels just as exciting as your visit.